Which range from person that is ultralight designs to family car camping units in SUNTRAIL we stock versions of tents and shelters. A second entry is to the Solitaire which may be used to enter and exit the tent, but in stargazing mode only when the outer fly is wrapped back. Because I liked the tent I’ll try the aluminum sticks. This is a nice tent which packs well (mild), and retains up in torrential rain. Unlike dual tents, both are attached to one another and built making the tent great for less seasoned cyclists.

Although I haven’t yet managed to violate mine nonetheless, this is not a failure you wish to encounter on a backpacking trip, since it might make the Solitaire impossible to pitch if you need it the most. Every time it rains or blows off the poles snap. As for the criticism of setting up the tent, it is the simplest tent take down I am not mechanically inclined by some other means-there are just two poles, and I have ever used and to set up, how hard is it?

Yesterday I put up it to get dimensions to generate my own vestibule to sit down under and after an hour of being set up among those poles snapped in half along with the broken pole taken up through the tent sleeve puncturing the tent. It’s light as heck and packs up small, making it great when you’re trying to minimize weight and bulk. It suggests that you can pitch the Solitaire in the rain without getting the tent soaked, countering the significant downside of tents.

Replacement rods from Eureka are pricey. For my very first solo tent, I found it quite lightweight and lightweight. However, on two outings since purchasing the tent, I’ve encountered. You may toss the Solitaire Tent from the rain without the inside if you fold it up so that the roof and vestibule doors are all closed ahead of time, getting wet.

We never used the guy lines, only set it up and I never had condensation difficulties and we had ceramic stakes. While the Solitaire has a set of steel bets weighing 8.4 oz, you’re probably going to want to replace them with lighter weight alternatives. Buy the Canadian version of the Solitaire (available on Amazon Canada ), which comes with aluminum tent poles and not the fiberglass ones that are packaged with the US version.

We’re reviewing the Eureka Solitaire Tent! . A similar tent would be the Alps Mystique 1.0. It’s a bit more expensive ($104), but it already has aluminum poles and stakes. The model from Canada has. Weighing just two lbs eureka solitaire tent reviews 9.5 ounces (with no stakes, which you’d want to replace anyway), it is a surprisingly great value for a double-walled bivy-style tent that has more interior room than similar style tents or tarp shelters costing much much more.

Ibelieved that the rain fly and venting were great and’ve used this tent at good and rainstorms Georgia summer heat. I would not recommend using this tent using the tent poles that come standard with US edition of the tent. The major drawback I see is that the floor is thin nylon material, I could observe a sharp stone piercing through if you’re not careful, but between that and the sticks not being aluminum, those are the only real complaints I have about the caliber.

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